Happy National Bookmobile Day !

Summer, 1958: 

Just like it was yesterday, I can remember stepping into the big red bookmobile as it idled in front of our local country store.  The location was the ‘Comanche Y’ in south-central Oklahoma.  The air conditioner is running full blast and I shiver in my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops as I climb up the steps —  and then all I can see are books.  Everywhere.  Hundreds of books, tucked into shelves built all along the walls, from floor to ceiling.  History books, picture books, biographies, novels — all of them available to me.  For a ‘book-worm’ like me, it was pure bliss!

“No better method has ever been devised for reaching the dweller in the country. The book goes to the man, not waiting for the man to come to the book.” – Mary Lemist Titcom, creator of the first bookmobile.

To learn more about the first bookmobiles, check out this web site — http://www.whilbr.org/bookmobile/index.aspx

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April 19th

“…It is important that such a tribute in no way diminish the tragedy, but rather, that it offer an inspiring contrast between the brutality of the evil and the tenderness of the response.”

Excerpt from the Memorial Mission Statement

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Once a week treat

It may not be as ‘low carb’ as my doctor would like — but, at least once a week my breakfast comes from our neighborhood Sonic.  A large Diet Vanilla Coke (easy ice please) and a sausage burrito — it’s so good!  

And — I do believe this meal falls under the ‘have a treat every once in a while’ rule my doctor mentioned (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!)

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One photograph . . .

 . . .  capturing a moment I want to remember and hold in my heart

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Garden animals, mitered squares & rick-rack

A couple of weeks ago, the calendar said it was Spring — which meant, my garden animals made the annual move from their winter home (a basket in the garage) out into the sunshine of the front flower beds (below you can see the foot of my best helper, Joe-Joe — he is an expert in ‘animal placement’). 

It might be Spring – but, last week the weather said that Winter was still hanging in there – temps in the 40’s under grey & dreary skies.  With the cold, my thoughts strayed from gardening to other activities to a bit of knitting. I’ve been playing around with Mitered Squares with some orphan yarn from my stash.  The pattern was much easier than I thought and I would love to an afghan of multi-colored squares; but, I’m settling for a warm/colorful scarf — it’s my current ‘lunch-time knitting’

Thoughts have also turned toward sewing – and my project of choice these days are little girl skirts. When I saw this Fancy Nancy fabric, I knew it was meant to be another ‘twirly-whirly’ skirt for Laney – our little girl with red curls and purple glasses.  There’s nothing like sewing something cute & quick to feed your creative mojo — also, I’ve discovered  that adding rick-rack is sure to make me smile! 

These are just a few things that are giving a lift to my spirit on these cool spring days/nights — and I’m thankful for them all.

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One photograph . . .

– capturing a moment I want to remember and hold in my heart

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My birthday money is being put to very good use — buying books to dream on.   (Note to self:  Quilting Blogs & Amazon.com – dangerous combination!)

Just look at this pattern:  ‘Square One’ –cannot  get it out of my mind.  I keep thinking of all the different fabrics in my stash and how they would look  ‘squared’.   

And then there’s this pattern:  ‘Little Man’  — Just so happens — I have an ‘Authentic’ charm pack in my possession just begging to be made into this quilt.

Now I just need to put my ‘dreams’ into action !

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