Adventures in journaling

Because my memory isn’t what it used to be — I keep a journal of notes — for just about everything.  Journals for the office, for church & SS, for my sewing & knitting & crafting.  Those journals are my memory and I refer to them often.  But, it seems I don’t refer to them enough.  Take for example, a simple lined skirt for Laney – I took two pages of notes of how to line the skirt while creating a hem band.   I even have samples of the fabric used.  But did I pay attention to the notes on skirt length?  Not so much . . .

I think I’ll call it a ‘maxi-skirt’.

But, Laney loves it and I will be checking my notes when I attempt the second version of this skirt pattern.  Just love that she’s modeling the skirt with her Princess nightgown and pink sparkly shoes!


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Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, MoMo, and Friend Sewing, Knitting, Baking, and Gardening. Preserving and sharing all the 'bits & pieces
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