For today:: 10-14-10

outside . . .  this morning the air is crisp, with a touch of frost in the air 

cooking/eating . . . it’s soup weather and tonight our supper will be homemade Minestrone (made this past weekend) with corn muffins 

creating . . .  trick or treat bags for Joe & Laney – feeds my need to create, only takes a couple of hours and because they are small I can play around with different techniques and patterns — plus they really like them 

remembering . . . again how much I really love this time of year

reading . . .  Middlesex and I are ‘taking a break’ while I go to other books on my bedside table – over the weekend I finished the first book in the Hunger series by Suzanne Collins – quick read and very entertaining 

hoping . . .  to finish a Halloween Twirly Skirt for Laney tonight – it seems that when you are 2 ½, it’s all about the ‘twirl’ ! 

hearing . . .  the sound of hammering – our office complex is getting a new roof (a lot of noise and debris – but, when they are finished – no more leaks!) 

home . . .  slowly getting ready for the winter months – unpacked my flannel pajamas over the weekend – now I need to get my sweaters and sweatshirts out and ready for those cold days ahead 

tonight . . . a little sewing and some knitting while watching ‘Fringe’ – I just love Walter  — and Olivia – and, Peter ! 

from my picture journal . . .   a pink ‘girlie-girl’ trick-or-treat bag for Laney.  

Notes:  Fabric :  entirely from my stash   Pattern :  my basic kids bag pattern – measurements are 12″x14″ with 2″ gusset    Ruffle on side pocket created by tearing a 2 inch strip and gathering before attaching to bag.


About lifeinbitspieces

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, MoMo, and Friend Sewing, Knitting, Baking, and Gardening. Preserving and sharing all the 'bits & pieces
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