On the farm —

Jessika & I, and her two babes – Joe and Laney traveled north up I-35 this past weekend.  Our destination was Leawood, Kansas for a visit with her brother/my son, Jamie & his wife, Emily and their three girls –  Sophia , Phoebe and Chloe.  While we were there, we did a lot of talking/laughing and running around, had very yummy food to eat, and there so also many new places to see and things to do – 

Laney, Chloe, Joe &  Phoebe (only a little bit Sophia is visible, as an official ‘teenager’ she didn’t want too close contact with her siblings and younger cousins) — they are all checking out the map at Deanna Rose Farm.  I heard a lot of discussion of what to see first, the chickens?  or the Koi fish?  or the butterfly garden?  At this point, Uncle James stepped in and outlined the best route  to see as many of the displays/exhibits and animals as we could in a 3 hour visit – – we started with the cows.


And, although we did see real cows  – there are no pictures — I was busy trying to keep the two youngest from climbing into the pens with the cows!  The above life-size ‘milk’ cow fascinated all but the littlest grandbabe — she wasn’t sure what they were doing, but knew she wanted no part if it at all !  

Throughout this farm/park, we walked (some of us did some skipping) while we checked out the animals and displays along the paths.  After a few hours, we were all dragging (the heat and humidity were both very high).   Deanna Rose Farm was a wonderful place, filled with all sorts of things to see and do  — but it was time to leave in search of food and a nap.   A very good day, filled with a lot of memory-making moments !


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Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, MoMo, and Friend Sewing, Knitting, Baking, and Gardening. Preserving and sharing all the 'bits & pieces
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