today :: August 16, 2010

outside . . .  it’s partly cloudy with temps in the 80’s (what a wonderful change from all those 100’s over the past 10 days!)

kitchen . . .  enjoying yummy oatmeal & peanut butter cookies (with Splenda Blend) –  made by my oldest sister who is a diabetic (I got the recipes so I can bake some for Willie Jay). 

creating . . .  knitting a baby boy hat in fall colors of orange, brown and gold (pattern is The Umbilical Cord Hat from the ‘Stitch n Bitch’ book –  quick & easy + so cute!)  

remembering . . .  my Aunt Lona who passed away this past week – lots of sweet memories of visits to her home as a child.

reading . . .  ‘The Lace Reader’ by Brunonia Barry and the 2010 Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Book (both entertaining in their own way)

hoping . . .  our little cool front stays with us for a few days, I’m so done with summer weather – ready for some cool crisp fall days.

hearing . . .  the birds just outside my office window – nice background music for a workday

home . . .  we are currently  ‘de-cluttering’ our house, which is so hard for me  — I’m the ‘hoarder’ in our relationship.

tonight . . .  meeting up with my ‘Stitcher Gals’ – plenty of fiber fun, talk and laughter is always a  great way to start the week.

from my picture journal . . .

A purple sparkly tiara for our little red-head – because you never know when the Queen might drop by for a tea party !


About lifeinbitspieces

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, MoMo, and Friend Sewing, Knitting, Baking, and Gardening. Preserving and sharing all the 'bits & pieces
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