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Almost Garter Scarf – Cool !

  It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks, we will have much cooler weather.  But, the reality is that those ‘Blue Norther’s will be blowing down from Canada very soon; and, then we will all be piling on … Continue reading

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Raining somewhere

You know you are really tired of Summer when just the glimpse of a thunderstorm can get you excited — and, if you can actually smell the rain it’s a real high.  And, I didn’t even mind that this storm moved … Continue reading

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today :: August 16, 2010

outside . . .  it’s partly cloudy with temps in the 80’s (what a wonderful change from all those 100’s over the past 10 days!) kitchen . . .  enjoying yummy oatmeal & peanut butter cookies (with Splenda Blend) –  made by my … Continue reading

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A ‘Jazzy’ quilt for Willie Jay

A work in progress — for a long time. Over  3 years of planning, cutting, stablizing,  & stitching — and one day it will be a lap quilt made with t-shirts my hubby’s 20 year collection.  The majority of the shirts are from ‘Jazz … Continue reading

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7 Days of pretty dang hot

Hot forecast — and, adding in the humidity levels, will give us an average heat index of 110 degrees each da.  Even for August in Oklahoma – that’s hot!  Maybe I’ll set my ‘desktop’ to a nice winter scene — at least … Continue reading

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Sunrise with a ‘slice’

Summer sunrise — in Technicolor, complete with a slice of the moon at about 30 degrees above the East horizon (see close-up below)

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for today :: August 4, 2010

Outside my window. . .  hot, hot, hot – heat index today will be around 105 degrees I am thinking. . . of how much I appreciate air conditioning From the kitchen. . .  lots of sandwiches and salads for dinner – not … Continue reading

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