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Seriously !!       Arizona — come on now —  I realize that you are in a ‘world of hurt’ with all your immigration issues;  but, you know a lot of people out there just don’t think what you are doing is the answer.  Then again, maybe your new law will force some much needed discussions about what’s really going to work — let’s all take a deep breath and get to work on this – OK ?    

Great Idea !!  ::   Read an article this week about how to get all those Senators and Congressmen(woman) to ‘play nice’ up there in Washington, D.C.  Seat them alphabetically!  That way they will have to get along — because the person sitting next to your most likely isn’t going to be in your little ‘I’m right and your wrong club’.  Just maybe then, they would actually listen to each other and agree to work for the country instead of against one another.   Our grade-school teachers used assigned seating to great advantage, so we know it works.  Think about it  . . . 

Best Quote  ::     On losing their home twice in 2 years (once to fire and this week to a spring tornado) a couple in Shawnee, OK  told the media this —  ‘What we lost was all just ‘things’ and they can be replaced.  What’s important is that we all survived’.  Amen to that !!


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