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How does my garden grow . . .

A new rose — another ‘Knock Out’ Rose.  Totally sold on this variety because it thrives in our red clay and give us blooms all summer.   Those bundles in the background are my Oregon daffodils all tucked in for a … Continue reading

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Showy Spring

Looking back on the past 3 + years of blogging — April  seems to be filled with lots of photos.   Photos of the first green leaves and blooms — most of them from our own little plot of land.  The picture below … Continue reading

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Backyard Blooms

My white Bearded Iris — a ‘pass along’ plant from my Mom’s garden.  These grow/bloom along my back fence and seem to thrive in the clay soil there.    These Iris will soon to be joined by  Tiger Lilies (also from … Continue reading

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Choosing to Remember

. . . the city remembered the day of the bombing with reverence, “not because we can’t forget but because we choose to remember. Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett Picture of the ‘Survivor Tree’ at the Oklahoma City Memorial  

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I found it . . .

I been shopping around for a new purse.  And, as any woman will tell you — it’s a very personal thing.  Each woman has her list of ‘must haves’ when it comes to a purse.  Some women like purses that … Continue reading

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I’m neglecting my knitting

My knitting is lonesome I’m sure — it sits in the basket by my chair — untouched.  All because I’ve got a new hobby/obsession — making little girl dresses.  So. Much. Fun.  Details:  Pattern for purple dress and pink/white print (actually a … Continue reading

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What I’m learning in the sewing room . . .

Lately I’ve been learning something new about myself and my sewing.   Taking the time to read the instructions thoroughly at least once (and sometimes twice or three times) — doing this means less ‘quality time’ with my seam ripper and less … Continue reading

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