An exciting ‘Surprise’ !!

For the most part our Saturdays are filled with housework, errands to run,  and some quiet time to knit, sew or read for me & a nap for Hubby and the cats.  Not very exciting – but, it works for us.   This past Saturday was  different — 

The morning started off with a basketball game for our grandson – this was only his second game and was such a hoot to watch.  Lots of running up/down the court and scrambling for the ball.  And, watching it with my Hubby, our youngest grandbabe and their Daddy made it even more fun.  That’s Joe on the far left – the smallest one on the team.  He many be small —  but he sure can hustle.

After the game Hubby suggested that I ride with my son-in-law and the grandbabes to their  house for a short visit. He would follow behind in our vehicle.  I wondered when we would get that long list of errands done but wasn’t going to pass up a chance to visit grandbabes.  After a side trip to the grocery store (which was really just playing for time in to allow time for some last minute arrivals), we finally pulled up at my daughter’s home.  I was greeted at the door by my daughter with a big smile — and, behind her, I heard the laughter.  When she stepped back, I walked into a surprise 60th birthday party for me!   

Fro the next few hours, I was surrounded by family and friends, all wishing me Happy Birthday.  There were beautiful flowers, great food and yummy cake.  I had such a great time and I don’t think I can ever properly thank my daughter and daughter-in-law enough for a simply wonderful celebration.  And, having the people I love with me on that day was such a sweet blessing.  It was the most exciting birthday I’ve even had and I will remember it always !!  

And, I still can’t believe they all kept the surprise a secret !


About lifeinbitspieces

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, MoMo, and Friend Sewing, Knitting, Baking, and Gardening. Preserving and sharing all the 'bits & pieces
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