Winter weather paid us a visit recently — and, in the hours leading up to the ‘Ice Storm of 2010’ — we Sooners filled the stores.   We stocked up on all those things that are essential to surviving a winter storm.  Supplies of  flashlights, batteries, generators, warm clothes, plenty of food and bottled water.   (For me the essentials were fabric, yarn, chocolate and Diet Coke – not necessarily in that order of course)

The storm started off  Wednesday afternoon with a half inch of freezing rain, then moving on to snow over the next 24 hour, with local totals of 6-7 inches. And, just for something a little different — the past couple of mornings we’ve had freezing fog — which left a fringe of ice crystals on every exposed surface.  

And, all through the past 5 days, our local weather wizards were in ‘high gear’ — sending crews out all over the city and state.  Tallying up the inches of snow/ice/sleet,  keeping us informed of school/church closings, reviewing safety precautions for winter driving and the proper use of gas-powered generators — and, they loved every minute.  They kept us informed and entertained themselves at the same time.  

As for me and Hubby — for 4 days, we did a  bit of hibernating.  Pajamas or sweats were the ‘uniform of the day’.  The menu was, for the most part, chili or stew (although one night I went a little crazy and made some stir-fry with fried rice, just to mix it up a bit).  There was a lot of television watching going on — both good and bad.  Willie Jay and the cats did some serious napping.  And, I plowed through a stack of books, knitted a hat and cast on for a scarf and finally finished this ::

Baby quilt for a teeny-tiny girl born December 16th. Pattern:  Baby Stacked Coins.  Finished while watching ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ and ‘South Pacific’. 

Today, the local ‘wizards’ are calling for snow again this weekend, so I better get this quilt delivered so it can keep that baby warm while the snow flakes fall.  And, if I do get snowed in again – maybe I can finish the lap-quilt of Willie Jay’s that I started 3 years ago.  I may need a lot more chocolate, Diet Coke and old movies for that !


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Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, MoMo, and Friend Sewing, Knitting, Baking, and Gardening. Preserving and sharing all the 'bits & pieces
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